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European Health Technology Assessment (EU-HTA)

Current Status

The European Commission, the European Parliament and the EU Member States are striving for a centralisation of benefit assessments or Health Technology Assessment (HTA) procedures that have so far been carried out at national level which are then to serve as the basis for national reimbursement price negotiations. General feasibility has already been tested at the European level within the framework of the so-called Joint Action Programme (EUnetHTA) Further information >>> Since March 24th 2021, a concrete version of a draft regulation has been available from the EU Commission which is to form the basis of the future European benefit assessment. On 27.10.2021, the Council published its
position at first reading. Further information >>>

It is intended that the benefit assessment

  • be based on joint scientific consultations,
  • to undertake a joint clinical evaluation,
  • and to develop and implement a common methodology for evaluation.

Assessment with regard to economic, social and ethical aspects as well as the negotiation of drug prices and reimbursement amounts remains a national responsibility.

Information, data, analyses and other evidence that has already been provided at European level within the joint clinical evaluation are no longer to be submitted subsequently at national level. This means: if an EU-HTA is already available, it should be used for the benefit assessment at national level.

The implementation of a joint clinical evaluation at Union level will take place in stages and initially only apply to the treatment of oncological diseases. After a two-year transition period, medicinal products for rare diseases will be included and the remaining medicinal products within an eight-year period.

The European benefit assessment has major overlaps with the German “early benefit assessment according to AMNOG”. Large parts of today’s AMNOG benefit dossier (modules 2, 3 and 4) will in future be prepared on a European basis. The more closely the methodology is oriented towards German standards, the greater the significance of the European HTA will be for the negotiation of reimbursement amounts in Germany.

Get ready for the new European benefit assessment with us. We will support you with strategic planning, the analysis of the European specifics in relation to national assessment procedures and advise you on the negotiation of reimbursement amounts.


Our services cover the entire process of market access and reimbursement of medicinal products and medical devices. We advise you on strategy development, planning of the reimbursement process and we prepare the benefit dossier or provide partial services of the required benefit dossiers to you. As part of our training services, we provide you with comprehensive and targeted preparation for discussions with the authorities, be it the consultation with the G-BA, the hearing in the course of the benefit assessment or the price negotiations with the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Funds (GKV-Spitzenverband).

Benefit from our expertise for optimised market access.

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