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Dr. Willi Schnorpfeil
Dr. Willi SchnorpfeilManaging Partner
Dr. Willi Schnorpfeil holds a doctorate in economics and started his career at the AOK Bundesverband. His professional career has also included positions at AOK Hessen, Merck, Novo Nordisk and as a self-employed business consultant.
Dr. Schnorpfeil has more than 20 years of professional experience in the healthcare sector and has been advising companies strategically and operationally on all phases of the early benefit assessment according to AMNOG since 2011. As project manager of numerous AMNOG dossier projects in various indications, he has extensive experience in project management and the preparation of benefit dossiers. Dr. Schnorpfeil also has special expertise in the pricing of medicinal products and supports companies as a trainer in negotiations on the reimbursement amount.
Dr. Angela Lammert
Dr. Angela Lammert Director HTA & Value Strategy
Dr. Angela Lammert is employed as Director HTA & Value Strategy at WS Value & Dossier. She advises pharmaceutical companies in market access for (innovative) medicinal products and medical devices. As Director in the field of AMNOG benefit dossiers, she has gained extensive experience through numerous projects in different indications such as oncology, neurology and ophthalmology. As Director, she is your direct contact for project management, preparation of the benefit dossier and strategic advice throughout the project.
Dr. Sandra Kiehlmeier
Dr. Sandra KiehlmeierSenior Medical Writer / Market Access Manager
Dr. Sandra Kiehlmeier has a PhD in molecular tumor biology. She joined the WS Value & Dossier team in 2021 and she has worked on several projects in different indication areas, such as nephrology and neurology. Her tasks as Senior Medical Writer / Market Access Manager include strategy development for market access of new medicinal products, project management of reimbursement projects, writing AMNOG benefit dossiers, as well as calculating pricing analyses. She is also your contact for all questions regarding the EU-HTA process.
Dr. Hanna Klimek
Dr. Hanna KlimekMarket Access Manager
Dr. Hanna Klimek is a human biologist and spent 4 years conducting research on bacterial pathogens at the Institute for Hygiene at the Westphalian Wilhelms University in Münster. She studied in Denmark, Germany and France. Hanna is responsible for expanding our services to include new digital solutions in the pharmaceutical market. As Market Access Manager, she is also involved in market access of innovative medicinal products, reimbursement of medicinal products and training on hearings and price negotiations.
Julia Gerbeth, M. Sc.
Julia Gerbeth, M. Sc.Medical Writer / Market Access Manager
Julia Gerbeth is a biomedical scientist who was working four years at the Paul-Ehrlich-Institute (PEI), the German Federal Institute for Vaccines and Biomedicines. During her time there, she was in different departments within the Virology Division and gained expertise in licensing-based research, basic research, and batch testing of vaccines. Julia also made contributions to various scientific publications during her time there. Now she works as a Medical Writer and Market Access Manager for the Value & Dossier team, utilizing her experience to prepare benefit dossiers.
Michelle Woods, M. Sc.
Michelle Woods, M. Sc.Medical Writer / Market Access Manager
Michelle Woods is a biologist who contributed to basic research in cancer genetics at the Justus-Liebig University of Giessen for over six years. Her research focused mainly on the epigenetic regulation of tumor suppressor genes and the resulting influence on cell cycle-relevant signaling pathways. Her tasks include the creation of benefit dossiers and strategic advice on the AMNOG process. As a native speaker, she supports the Value & Dossier team with publications and international projects.
Christopher Bell, M. Sc.
Christopher Bell, M. Sc.Medical Writer / Market Access Manager
Christopher Bell is a neurobiologist who has spent 5 years at the Institute of Developmental Biology and Neurobiology at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany, conducting research on presynaptic calcium channels. His focus here was on the function of alternative splicing of voltage-gated calcium channels in relation to synaptic transmission. As a Medical Writer and Market Access Manager, Christopher is responsible for the preparation of benefit dossiers within the AMNOG process at Value & Dossier.
Sandra Fraatz
Sandra FraatzManagement Assistant
Sandra Fraatz is a trained office administrator and has more than 20 years of professional experience in finance and contract management. She has been working at Value & Dossier since 2023.
Christian Schneider
Christian SchneiderStudent Assistant
Christian Schneider studies industrial engineering with a focus on electrical engineering and information technology at TU Darmstadt. At Value & Dossier he works as a student assistant.

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