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How the German AMNOG process works

Value & Dossier GmbH advises pharmaceutical companies and biotechnology companies throughout the AMNOG process and on all matters relating to market access and reimbursement. Based on our long-standing expertise, we advise you on the development of the best strategy, the preparation of your benefit dossier for the G-BA assessment and the price negotiations with the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Funds (GKV-Spitzenverband).

Your success is what drives us. We will make sure that your new product will be reimbursed in the best possible way.

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“We offer individual and company-specific solutions focussing on the value of the product while implementing it accordingly in the required benefit dossiers.”

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f. l. t. r.: Dr. Hanna Klimek, Dr. Angela Lammert, Christopher Bell M. Sc., Julia Gerbeth M. Sc., Dr. Willi Schnorpfeil, Dr. Sandra Kiehlmeier, Michelle Woods M. Sc., Sandra Fraatz 

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