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Strategic Market Access Consulting

Market and Price Analyses
Benefit Assessment
Discount Agreements
Hospital Reimbursement (NUB)

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German Benefit Assessment (AMNOG)

Market Access Strategy
G-BA consultation
Benefit Dossier in Accordance with AMNOG (Modules 1 – 5)
Oral Hearing
Negotiation Training
Written Statement
Innovative Medicinal Products
Orphan Drugs

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Amnog price negotiations

G-BA Consultation
G-BA Hearing
Price Negotiations for the Reimbursement Amount
AMNOG Trainings

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Reference pricing for pharmaceuticals

Written Comments

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European HTA

Current Status

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European Reference Price Calculator


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Reimbursement of Medical Devices

Benefit Assessment
Reimbursement Outpatient/ Inpatient Care
Digital Health Applications (DiGA)
Medical Dressings
Medical Devices Made of Substances

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HTA Services

Systematic Literature Analyses
Meta-Analysis/ Indirect Comparisons
Medical Writing
Budget Impact Analyses