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Pharmabarometer Update

Have a look at our latest update of German price negotiations for drugs that went through the AMNOG benefit assessment. The mean price decrease after negotiations was 28 % for all analysed products, 23 % for orphan drugs and 30 % for non-orphan drugs. If you have any further questions or suggestions, please feel free

2022-08-23T09:27:36+02:0023. August 2022|Reimbursement|0 Comments

GKV-FinStG draft law: Power shift in favor of the statutory health insurance companies expected

The German Federal Ministry of Health has published a draft law on the financial stabilization of the statutory health insurance (GKV-FinStG). The subjects of the draft are amendments to the Social Code Book V, in particular Articles § 35 a and § 130 b, which include the early benefit assessment of new active substances and

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